We dive deep into wildfire prevention as a follow up to our reforestation article. Buzz Solutions is an exciting company that helps prevent wildfires for utilities and is actively hiring! We summarize key takeaways and the founder's journey.
Consistent and scaling investment in careful direct air capture deployment over the 21st century can result in annual CO2 reductions of 5 GT by 2050 and…
Eating more veggies (and fewer animal products) is more than a wellness trend - it’s also one of our most powerful tools for mitigating climate change…
Distributed solar photovoltaics (PVs) have the potential to avoid 27-69 gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 — about 3-4% of required emissions…
By protecting currently degraded land and allowing natural regrowth to occur, committed land could sequester 1.4 tons of carbon dioxide per acre…
By Pat Dowling
Passenger electric vehicles ("EVs") have the potential to eliminate 20 gigatons of CO2 emissions cumulatively from 2021-2050
An increase in onshore wind turbines could reduce emissions by up to 147 gigatons of greenhouse gases
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